A Rose's Hands
Hello, and welcome to my website. This Page is dedicated to my own personal artwork, drawings, and sketches. There is also a place to find all of the fantasy artwork I like, done by other artists. If you want a "Me" page, you will have to go to my original home page, Darkness' of Bliss, and find it there. :) Oh.. and sign my guestbook so that I know whether or not you liked my art!!!


This is an EXTREMELY high GRAPHIC site! If your poor pathetic 28k modem can't handle the pictures, then just click on the links where the thumbnail versions are supposed to be, and it'll take you to just that picture.. then hit your back button, and continue. If half of the pictures load, and the other half don't, that means that your modem is too slow, and the page timed out. If you want to look at the thumbnail before you look at the whole picture, (depending on your browser) just right click on the picture, and choose "Show Picture". All of the pictures should be there( I spent an entire day checking to see if they were!!!) but if there isn't a picture whenever you click on the link... please write me an email and I'll try to fix it. Thanx.

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