The Asylum
December 8, 2001

Due to the collapse of the free Homestead server, Your Asylum, Sims Asylum, A Hundred Million Miles From Nowhere Special Project and Death of the Crew are no longer viewable. Dark Knight Studios is back on the "air"
at geocities here. Federation HQ also has one page up currently, and I'm working hard to get the whole thing up before the end of the year. Look forward to new flash and shockwave animations and interactive interfaces! Also, look out for my newest project (everyone knows I'm never happy unless I'm starting something new) Ice Kitty (currently w/o a URL, but I'm working on it.)


April 12, 2001
Anyone who may have been frequenting this site may have noticed that I have ceased to update The Asylum. All the stuff I'm leaving up, including Your Asylum (which you can
find here), but no further updates will be added.

If you would like to see some of the new projects I've been working on click on one of the links below:

Federation HQ
Dark Knight Studios *soon*
A Hundred Million Miles From Nowhere Special Project *soon*
The Sims Asylum
Death of the Crew

Look for me in some of these as Elizabeth :) Good luck on your neverending X-Files Quest, and adieu!