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Art's back Feb. 5th!

NEW- Area 51 Satellite photos! Space Shuttle Countdown clock,
& Asteroid EROS news & photos...

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I`ll be using this spot to express some of my thoughts
such as....
China plans voyages to Moon, Mars ...,
ART BELL retired as of the April 26/27 show!
...Here's the story..., NOW he has returned- on Feb. 5th!
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Now that we have a scanner we have added photos of comet
Hale-Bopp they are on the Space page.
2nd Mars probe was Lost!....So much for 'bigger-better-cheaper'!

...Check-out our Art Bell 'CUBE'....
...It has random rotating images from Arts site...
A reader of this site sent me this link to a Free ebook
about a UFO story that has been downloaded over 100,000 times from CNET in 10 months...
-How about this- ...The Arecibo radio dish holds 3 billion bowls of cornflakes!!! (roughly ;-) -JOIN the S.E.T.I.-Team ART BELL
in the search for 'ET'-
... see my 'SETI' page for details! ....

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