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Welcome to what may well be the first and only webpage dedicated to Superman's much-underappreciated second banana, James Bartholomew Olsen. Why Jimmy, you may ask? Well, he's brave, impetuous, intelligent, loyal to his friends, willing to help out even when the chips are decidedly down, and generally good-hearted. He doesn't let the fact that he's currently just an errand boy get in the way of his dream to one day be a professional photographer. And he's got great hair.

So Whaddya Keep In This Crawlspace, Lady?

SEE the heroic photographer in action! (Sort of.)

MEET young Jimmy's friends and foes!

READ about the thrilling exploits of Jimmy and his companions as seen on TELEVISION!

MARVEL at the moving witticisms to which our heroes give utterance!

VISIT other Super Sites!

Other Neat Stuff

"Location, Location, Location" A wonderful Supergirl fanfic by Wyzeguy97. Be sure to check out Wyze World for more stories and other cool stuff.

"A Change Of Heart" Yup, I wrote a story too. This being my maiden foray into the realm of fanfiction, I ask that you not laugh *too* derisively at my efforts.

What's New? Just in case you're dying to find out what additions I've made lately. Last updated 13 March 2000.

Questions? Comments? Generous cash donations? Drop me a line!

You'd best do what the nice policeman says...this place is constantly UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

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