Our stated purpose (and its in the constitution so it must be true) is that..."The MCS exists to support and promote creativity and enjoyment amongst its members through role-playing and/or strategic challenges cast in realistic or fictional settings." To discover more about the excruciating details of the society's formal existence please check out (drum roll please)The MCS Constitution.


The M.C.S. is located at Bradley University, in Peoria, IL, 61625. So the answer to the old question Will it play in Peoria?" is 'If its a RPG, send us a free copy and we promised to play it at least once.' Our honorable society (or part thereof) occasionally gathers for meetings on wednesdays at 7PM, however no meetings will be held until further notice.


The Annual Con was February, thanks to all who assisted and attended. The following is information regarding previous cons. BConVI


(incomplete list as of 9/6/00)
... plus other games lurking below the level of the eminant secretary's consciousness.


Megan Callender, homepage
Dale McDaniel, homepage
Brian Lieberman
Mark Salrin
Adam Scott , homepage
Joel Oberdieck, homepage

There are MANY more of us than this but I will wait for them to volunteer themselves rather than post them will-he nill-he (literally)


Please check out our neighbours at Winter War The oldest Illinois gaming convention!

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A list of RPG conferences pending from all over the place can be found here


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