X-files Poems For The beautiful Heart

"My life and my partner's life shall be committed to the pursuit. I require only what My Agent promised, what I need, so I may succeed. Unafraid, Untarnished, Unscathed, and Unconditional trust."

These words written for the two agents we hold so dear. Hello, my name is Roseh20 and I have built this page for the reasons that I believe poetry and The X-files are two very beautiful things, and deserve to be put together to form this page.

There are many sites on the web for X-files fanfiction but not near as many for X-file poems. Why do you think this to be? I believe people like fanfiction because it is like an episode played out in your mind where you have control of what happens. But, you see, poems are just as good, only they bring out the emotions of what you want feel, they can take you to another world, just as well as fanfiction.

Take a look around my site and you will see what I mean, you are now in the realms of

"X-file Poetry for the Beautiful Heart"

X-files Poetry is a beautiful thing, and deserves to be spread so that all X-Philes may be so lucky as to glance there eyes upon it. If you have any X-Poetry, feel free to send it.

If you have poems which you would like me to put up, e-mail me here:

Last Updated April 18, 1999

Site Updates

I have added banners to my page, all leading to great sites!
Not much now, as this site is just a day old, I have six poems, though, in the Romantic and Mythology sections. Send in your poems using my form and help me add on to this page.

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