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Gracias...gracias mortals for deciding to stop by my site. before you read any further i have one favour to ask of you. read everything with an open mind. CRITICISM, I CAN DEAL WITH BUT DON'T EXPECT ME TO CHANGE THE STUFF I PUT ON HERE COZ U THINK THIS SITE SUX! (there have been some who asked me to!)

A toast to life

I am a woman, as beautiful as can be,
Blind are all those who cannot see,
A solitary figure treading along life's twisted paths,
Fret not I shall for it is a beautiful paradox,
An enriching experience for the mind, body and soul,
For as we live, we learn, we understand, we know,
Twenty two years I walked this tedious journey,
After much introspection I have discovered me.
I live for today, as yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come,
What comes on the morrow I shall worry
at the arrival of tomorrow's dawn,
For now I am content with what I have,
My family, my love, my friends, my life.
A dreamer more frequently than a pragmatist,
Sometimes I find myself losing touch with reality,
Seeking escape from this mundanity,
I seek refuge in a world of fantasy,
Which however (reality check!) is merely temporary.
Failure and disappointment I have encountered too many times,
But I keep getting stronger and I know that it'll be fine,
I do not at all believe in fate,
My destiny is what I make of it.
This solitary moment I suddenly realize,
This desperate struggle I have fought to survive,
A blinding flash of lucidity,
In a world gone so crazy,
I realize indeed I am lucky to be alive,
Amidst all this pain and strife,
A toast to life, the life you and I lead,
Live it to the fullest for it will not be long before we'll have to leave,
For life is merely a state of transience,
Temporary bliss in a journey of transcendence,
Someday we'll have to face the inevitable mystery,
The Reaper, and his infamous death kiss!!

TO ALL THOSE WHO COME HERE WITH AN OPEN MIND. I assure you I will not waste your time. In this will be able to find out more about who I am and how I live what u guys call Life.

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Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got.
-Janis Joplin

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