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Sunday April 25th 2004 Mike

Well, we went camping this weekend, which means lots of pictures. This is just my lot, still waiting on everyone elses, so expect several additions to this page. Enjoy.

Tuesday April 13th, 2004 Mike

Well, I spent a little over a week at home and wouldn't you know it, I have lot's of pictures to put up. First up are pictures from the Mont Cascade year end party. If anyone has any other pics from the party send them to me. Second, lots of updates on the Pranks page. One new picture on the main page and a whole page devoted to our favorite brown friend. Check them out!

Monday March 29th, 2004 Mike

Just something to add to todays update. Brad has sent me all the pictures from him and Steve's roadtrip around the southern US. They can be found on the Road Trip page.

Alright, another update. This might become a regular thing. I've got pics from our trip to Tremblant this weekend! And as soon as Jay sends me his, I'll have more. But for now check out these ones.

Thursday March 18th, 2004 Mike

Well it seems like water is the running theme for this weeks update. I've got pics from the Mont Cascade Puddle Jump held this past weekend, as well as some pics that Andrew Clarkson sent me of CP doing a watercross on his sled. Check em out.

Wednesday March 3rd, 2004 Mike

Alright. So we're getting some nice weather. Sweet. I've finally got most of the pictures from my recent trip out west up. There are about a dozen or so more that I need to scan but I'll get to them. Until then, enjoy these ones. They are in three seperate pages, Landscape, People 1 and People 2. Check em out.

Monday February 2nd, 2004 Mike

Hey ya'll. Long time no talk. Well, I've got a huge update today. Three new pages with almost 40 pictures total. We've got pictures from both the Mont Cascade Rookie Initiation and the After Party, as well as the Super Bowl party that was held last night. If anybody has pictures that they would like to see put up, email them to me!

Monday January 5th, 2004 Mike

So it's a new year, which means a new update of course! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, I know I did. I've got a whole whack of updates today. First off, my New Years pics are up and can be found here. Next, I've started a new section of Winter 2004 pictures and put a few shots in there. There is a small update to the Pranks page. Lastly, I have started a new page called Road Trip. Basically, if you're going on any sort of random road trip, take some pictures along the way and when you get there then send them my way. Right now the only pictures up there are from the random trip to Sudbury, so send me more!