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Okay everyone here we go again. Another Harry Potter Website. Now I assume anyone would agree that Harry Potter is at least one of the best books they've ever read. Some people think that the books are only for little kids, but I mean come on, Harry Potter is a great read for any age. Shyla and I are 16 years old, and we both agree that the Harry Potter series are the best pieces of literature we've read in a long time. So now, Shyla and I are creating another Harry Potter website. When we get more used to the site we're gonna make it unique and everything, so keep coming back, and it'll get good.  
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Ok. I am back now.  Anne and I have added a links page to our page and a fan mail section. Also, click on this site to head on over:
This site is the site of the Official Online Hogwarts.  If you go there, you can get sorted, and even sign up to be your house's prefect, or even on the Quidditch Team, which they will really have matches for.  Right now I am waiting for the rest of my team.  If you want to play Quidditch and know alot about the books, go sign up for the Hufflepuff team.  I need more people on my team to win the Quidditch cup!!!  So go there and sign up for Hufflepuff, and it is not that bad.  So go sign up for me!!!  Please!!
a.k.a. Hannah Abbott, Hufflepuff Prefect
Quidditch Captain and Seeker!!!!!!
A little review
Harry Potter is 11 years old and he doesn't know anything about his past. He lives with the Dursleys, his Aunt, Uncle, and completly stuck up cousin Dudley. All Harry knows is that his parents supposedly died in a car crash that he survived. He was then sent to the Dursleys to live until he was 11. He was treated miserably, until he finds out the secret. The Harry Potter adventure starts here.
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