Welcome to ANGEL. So far this is still small. I'm not going to post ANGEL untill i'm compleatly finished with it, so this is gunna just be a gallery for now.

I hope you enjoy the images, and hopefully there will be more soon!

UNPDATE: 3.31.00: OK, I'll get a smaller version of the poster, dun worry. Uhm, I added some new pictures and most of the chara sheets i have so far. Strangly my layout doesnt seem to show up right on Netscape. I still have to figure it out. oh well, enjoy.

Character Sheets/ Character Designs

Ayan Roberts



Jake Peirs

Kayla Lafaite



Shawn Grey


Wing Structure

Female Angel


Single Chara Images

Idea Sketches

Multiple Chara Images


Posters and Misc. Images

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