"Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, whatever is done and suffered by her creatures. All scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts. "

-John Muir

Welcome to my website. My name is Jeff Mckillop (aka Ragnar, Lipper, McKilipper, McSkillet, Killer, and many others I've forgotten). Please feel free to brose the various pages. Sorry for the mess, but I've only just moved in.



Click here to travel to Martinez. Nestled amidst the beautiful hills of Contra Costa County, this cozy shoreline town has been my home since I was born in 1969. Come and see the rolling splendor of Briones Regional Park, the historic home of renown naturalist John Muir, and our beautiful bayside marina.




Click here to enter Ragnar's fortress. This is my personal Greyhawk page. I've been playing in the World of Greyhawk, the only true fantasy roll-playing game world worth it's ink, since 'bout 1980. Since then, I've collected and/or created some interesting tidbits. Come on in and check 'em out.


Click here to enter the Viscounty of Verbobonc. Read PBEM transcripts of the Harverster's Heroes, an ongoing Play By Email AD&D adveture I write and DM. Great fantasy adventure fiction. A must for the Greyhawk enthusiast.


Click here to go to war! Check out my Axis and Allies page and learn the secrets to winning the greatest WWII military boardgame ever created.

Golf lessons


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