About Me
Hi there
Year 2003. Here is the latest update. Iím still just an average everyday ordinary single, mother of two grown daughters, of whom, I am most proud of by the way. One is finally in her senior year in college,

the other,

is about to make me a grandmother for the first time.

I still work for a major retail chain as a Customer Service Rep. I still enjoy my job thoroughly, despite some major changes, because it involves helping people.
Lately, however; I have been contemplating starting my own home business which also will be people oriented. Damn I need to get on that lottery number.

I don't have any fantabulous hobbies at the moment unless one considers making web pages a hobby? Ok I also love to surf the net and keep up with the latest news events which is probably why I haven't done much with my webpages yet. UPDATE, this is the only webpage I have to date.
I also like to chat with people about everday events and just life in general...the weather..whatever..lol :0
You can find me lurking on talkcity most of the time. UPDATE, talkcity has gone so far down the hill, I donít bother with them anymore.
I also have the msn messenger under surfinmama at hotmail
and aol messenger under surfinldy. So if you are looking for nice clean chat, look me up. UPDATE, there are so many kooks online in the chatrooms, sigh, I have just about given up chatrooms too.

My favorite saying and I am making this up myself:

"We wouldn't have so much strife in life if we all remembered just how very unique and special we are. For we are all made in his image and he is God the creator." "We are all his children even those who do not believe in him."

Love, peace and hair grease.

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