Peak Crest Weyr

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Before the beginning of the Second Pass, many disbelievers sailed back to the Southern Continent. Why should they tithe their valuables to a Weyr when Thread had disappeared forever? It was not worth their effort. The South offered a beautiful climate, resources they could use, and an escape from the nuisances of Pern- dragonriders.

Their folly was soon seen however as the signs of an approaching Pass became painfully clear. They sent out a call for help to the Northern Continent, for dragons that they knew they would need. The Weyrleaders would not help, believing that the Southern Continent should not be touched in memory of those who had died there during the First Pass.

Thanks to a young goldrider at Fort, however, the rouges soon found help. Laranya gathered a group of followers, discontent dragonriders and those who wanted to help the Southerners. They set up three Weyrs in the Southern Continent, the first and largest being Peak Crest, settled in the foothills of the mountains of the Snowy Wastes.

Twenty-nine Turns later, the two other Weyrs as well as Peak Crest are nicely populated. The Pass has been going on for all of these Turns, and things are just beginning to run smoothly. Smooth times, however, are always predecessors of trouble. The current Weyrwoman is Drake, with Elysande as her second. Medrana will share the rank of Werywoman Second with 'Sande once her goldrider training is completed. Lysandra and Weyrling Camyle make the Weyrwoman Third and Fourth.

With possibley the most interesting, and dangerously fiesty, goldriders of Pern, Peak Crest is destined to survive anything. Thread will not stop falling for many Turns to come, but it seems the disgruntled Northerners have much more to worry about than that...

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