this page is about what ever I want to put on it and sports with a few cartoons. allstar's Home Page
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I love football specialy when they are thrown the right way.

martial arts
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This guy is the greatest (so he thinks). Well is this the life or what. I mean come on who wouldnt want some big guy running at you like a fraight train.

Football is one of the greatest sports around. If you cant dig it then get off the grass.
Eevery sport is great, I love volleyball my computer teacher coaches it, her team is very good. I like baseball and softball, my caomputer teacher is the greatest she coaches a lot of sports.

This guy could use some clorox bleach.

Here is the best picture about a running back with the right moves.


"Hear homer catch"

<bgsound src="hmrfart.wav"width=155 height=55>