Wow start playing a Online RPG and 3 years fly by and I havent updated my site ; ; . The game im speaking of is Final Fantasy XI Online. In the update I am going to be adding a FFXI page but sadly i must remove some of my pet pictures due to lack of space on this site ; ; . Also ill be adding a filter on the Guest Book link to stop these AD's from signing it. I havent stop my collection of comic's in these 3 years so ill be adding lots to the list's. Thank you all for the great email's ^^ .

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This page is dedicated to my Star Trek & Comic Book Collection's. I have listing's of all my Star Trek Action Figure's, Computer Game's, Model's, Book's, and Accessorie's. I also have full listing's of my Comic Book Action Figure's, Comic Book Title's & Issue Number's, Game's, and more. You will also find link's to one of the Hottest New Artist in the East COSMO. Ever wondered what Geneology is? Well check out my Mother's web site at the link below.

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I cannot believe they got Voygaer home so soon. Only 7 season's it had the potential to run for 15 year's if the cast wanted to. I would have watched and so would many of other's. I have every episode of Voyager on tape(VHS), when there is nothing worth watching on TV I just put in a Voyager tape. I also have all movie's that carry the Star Trek name. This NEW Star Trek Enterprise is alright (I guess). I think that the cheif engineer is pretty weird, and the new vulcan tries way to hard to keep a straight face, but I guess that all first season's are a little rough. I'll keep watching and hope that one day there will be a Star Trek Voyager movie.

The cast of Star Trek Voyager/The cast of The Next Generation

Star Trek Voyager is my favorite Trek series yet, The Next Generation is what got me hooked on Star Trek in the first place.

Image of the whole cast

The Simpson's are my FAVORITE cartoon ever made!

I got these image's fromBest Animation' (free).

Check out The Other Side of The Rainbow. Hot new art creation's by COSMO, Technorama art with a modern twist.

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