A game and setting for Dark Ages: Mage
Welcome to the Convivencia webpage. This page is mainly intended to provide information for the players of the Online Roleplaying Game of the same name, but hopefully it will prove useful as a resource for other Storytellers out there.
Convivencia is a Low-Fantasy game set in 13th Century Spain. Inspired by the tales of El-Cid, it tracks the fortunes of a group of individuals as they set out to make their fortune across this diverse and troubled land...

Using the Dark Ages: Mage rules, but with mystical rather then supernatural bent, Convivencia attempts to mesh the gritty  political realities of the age with the heroic spirit where a few people can change the course of history...

Setting and Historical Information
What's where, and why it's like that.

Ars Cupiditae
The art of Desire, for Dark ages.

The Taftani
Dark Ages Pillars and Information

The Players in the Tale
For when we all forget the names...

House Rules
An Expanded Background System

Magic, Philosphy, and Religion
How they fit together in the Game