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Warning: Do not use computer as a projectile. Sudden acceleration to dangerous speeds may cause injury. If computer begins to smoke, seek shelter and cover head. Do not glue computer to porous surfaces such as pregnant women, pets and heavy machinery. Computer not designed to sustain gross wight exceeding 13,000 lbs. If coffee spills on computer, assume that it is very hot. Do not taunt computer. When using computer, follow directions: Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about. Two in the hand is worth a bundle of cash. This computer is not meant to be used as a foot rest. Shave the whales. In case of emergency, floatation devices are to be found under your seat, and a breathing apparatus will drop from your ceiling. Exits are two to the back, two to the side, and two to the front.

Hobbies, interests, other stuff I like. . .

Duct Tape, Blues Brothers, theatre, backstage tech, Surge, Jolt Cola, Tori Amos, Blues Traveler, Queen, Claire Danes, collecting swords, laughing, Legos, finding pictures of myself, painting, other great stuff, poetry, Irish music, Irish accents, redheads, my wife, being married, my scooter "Napoleon" -a Honda Metropolitan, The Phantom of the Opera, juggling, acting, teching, lighting design, Ashland, Shakespeare, devil sticking, The White Cliffs of Dover, Frangelico, incense, harpsichord, piano, or flute music, candles, sleep, dreaming, staying out late, sleeping in late,books, singing along to good music, oldies but goodies, crushing dry leaves, fire, depictions of The Four Horsemen, The Phoenix, hugs, smiles, laughing, holding hands, playing in snow or rain, procrastination, ancient weaponry, sporks, bad jokes and punny comments, the Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tim Curry, Monty Python, drawing/writing on my hand, sunsets, sunrises, biking, Red Dwarf, Star Wars, collecting things, Remembering my childhood, biking, fencing, Mime-bashing *thwack!*, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Don't Panic), plastic bubble wrap, roses. . .

Rrr. . . . Stuff I dislike.

Dandelions, political commercials, mosquitos, commercials for "feminine" products, net censorship, ism's - racism, sexism, etc., discrimination, hay fever, stupidity, sweating, sunburn or suntan, holding grudges, betrayal, pop-up's (yeah, I know, then why am I on geocities?) jealousy, those big drops of rain that drop on my head going all the way to my scalp, or down my shirt, or right on my eyebrow and in my eye...

My profoundly popular other page:

Duct Tape Central!

Need I say more? This is my Duct Tape Home Page, dedicated to that
multi-purpose magic cloth that can make your life better in many ways. Do you love it?! I sure do!!

Personal Info:
The origin of Miostiek,
my "nom de plume" and preferred net name.
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