Association of Government Representatives and Independent Politicians
End 'party first' politics
Get A.G.R.I.P. on America!
Send the Republicrats home
The two largest special interest groups in the United States are the Republican and Democratic political parties.  They now exist primarily to perpetuate their own power.  The first consideration of their leaders is what is good for the party not what is good for the country.  They box every issue into a two sided 'us-them' arguement.  They tell us what we should think rather than listening to what we do think.  They tell us what we should believe rather than listening to what we do believe.  They believe their job is to tell us what to do, not do what we tell them to.

The only way I can think of to break the republicrat monopoly and bring the country back to the people is to create a strong organization to promote and support truely independent representation.  These representatives would not owe their political careers to the big party bosses and thus be obligated to 'party planks' and told how to vote.  They would only owe the people who put them in office.  They would  be required to think through all sides of issues and listen to all of our views.   They would have to make their votes based on their own assessments of the facts.  We would be able to hold individuals accountable for their votes.

AGRIP would not be a political party, have a party plank, support any particular political philosophy, or accept the support of any political party.  It would also not endorse any particular candidate for office. It would provide three primary functions:

1. AGRIP would certify candidates for public office to receive campaign support from AGRIP by doing background checks and requiring public disclosures on any activities relevent to the candidate's ability to serve in public office.  This would include obtaining proof that the candidate is not currently a member of any political party and is not receiving or soliciting support of any political party.  Any AGRIP supported candidate would be required to return all funds provided by AGRIP if that candidate later joined, obtained support from or solicited support from any political party while in office.

2.  AGRIP would provide campaign funds to certified candidates running for public office and publically announce who the AGRIP certified candidates are.  AGRIP would provide funds for multiple candidates in the same contest provided they met the certification criteria.  The amount of funds provided would be determined by the total amount of AGRIP funds available and the level of the position being sought. 

3.  AGRIP would conduct fund raising campaigns to support the candidates and provide educational services and research about the election process in the United States.
Okay, so you have figured out by now I am a dreamer, and frustrated with our political system.  So what about you?  Are you a dreamer too?  Let me know. Enter the guest book and let everybody know.