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Image Hosted by This is my wife, my daughter, grandson and I. Yes, I have a grandson.
In July 04, I had a fit of seizures that sent me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with Oligodendroglioma. It's a rare brain tumor. A week later, in August, I had surgery to remove enough for diagnosis. For those that have a desire to see such things, here are the head shots of the staples.
For Linux users only. It's really more cost effective to use DSL, but for those who must use a lucent win modem, here is the driver. It has served me well. Make sure you have the kernel headers. LT winmodem driver

After playing around with Linux for 2 years, Debian finally issued their latest stable version and I leaped on it. My previous main system was Slackware, but I want stability AND useability. Debian 3.1 is the first distro I've tried to come close to this. I managed to load the appropriate programs to record sermons from tape and encode them to mp3. I intend to post the latest sermon of my church on a weekly basis. The link to the sermon mp3 files is HERE.

Well, the sermon recording thing isn't working out. Our sermons have been more like discussions and those are hard to record. I haven't even been setting up a sound system.

After about 14 months, I have finally taken my last chemo treatment. I got a Purple Heart certificate from the medical staff of the place where I was getting my IV's. I'm sure there will be some long term affects, but overall, I'm sure that I will be a lot healthier without the cancer killing poison. It's a great feeling to not only be done but mostly healthy as well. I may have to fight it again, but prayerfully not this decade.

For a long time I've been a cat person. When I got married 3 years ago I had to find new homes for my two cats. I was very against having a dog because of many bad experiences with other people's dogs. After going through the stress of brain tumor and more recently a daughter with a broken neck, I started to warm up to the idea of a dog. I decided that I would trust my wife to help take care of it and I decided I would take care of it, too. I didn't want a dog in the house because of possible accidents, but I got over it and realized there are more important things to worry about. Stephanie and I went to the Humane Society and studied all the dogs there. I saw one right away that caught my attention and knew she was the one. She was the only one in the room not barking. Besides that, she was a very cute dog. The next Friday, even though I knew we couldn't afford it, we paid the fee and adopted her. Her name was Alastor, but now it's Chelsea. She's like a child to us now. I paid 75 dollars to adopt her, but now she's priceless.

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11/1/07 - Geocities is making me update my website to keep it active. Nobody's coming to view it anyways, maybe I should just let it die. Naaah.

I'm a Rams fan so this is a pretty depressing season for me. This is the first week of the regular season that they won't lose a game. That's right, they have a bye week. They are 0-8 and at this point you just have to laugh. An offensive line might help.

On the Linux front, I have managed to install Gentoo Linux on a couple IBM RS/6000's. They are 64 bit PowerPC machines. (similar to 64 bit Macs) They are only slightly slower than my 1GHz 32 bit P3. That's ok. I only plan on using them to convert video and other trivial CPU consuming tasks. Why tie up the PC processor for something a workstation can do? Anyways, I guess I should update this page more ofter just in case someone does come to see it.

3/4/09 - I've just discovered distributed computing. There's an application called BOINC that hosts many different projects ranging from SETI@home to World Community Grid.

I finally did figure out a way to host sermons via mp3. I set up a server with my RS/6000 to stream mp3 audio of sermons that will eventually be linked to from my church's website. I did it with an open source program called GNUMP3d.