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I had a dream -- crazy dream,
Anything I wanted to know,
Any place I needed to go...
- "The Song Remains the Same" (Page/Plant)

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Greetings from the darkest depths of the Internet...

Welcome to my humble Dungeon, a vast storage area of links and information located deep in the basement of the World Wide Web. Stay as long as you think is necessary (or tolerable) and feel free to mail your comments before you leave - no matter how flattering, offensive, surreal or downright *gulp* normal they may be! *grin* Hopefully you'll find something new, interesting or weird on these pages. If not then... er... mail me with something new/interesting/weird/lewd and I'll see what I can do.

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You'll find lots of links and information about Amiga multimedia computers, Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-Files, Millennium, cyberpunk, Space: Above and Beyond, Science Fiction in general, UFOlogy, Forteana and the Paranormal, as well as various other things which interest me... all handcrufted for the (ab)use of lonely wanderers of the web. Suggestions for future expansion, links, information, gossip and constructive criticism are always welcome. In the meantime... enjoy!

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Latest News:

Nope, I haven't died! Work and other projects have taken away lots of my free time, hence updates have been a little thin in the last couple of months. I've accumulated plenty of ideas and information to upgrade the website which I'm implementing slowly. The main emphasis has been updating the Amiga information with particular regard to the two solutions offered by Amiga/Tao and Phoenix/QNX. There's some exciting Amiga stuff on the horizon this year.

One of the most important changes is that I really want to shift the site from GIFs to the more compact, flexible and free PNG format as browser support for PNG has matured to a suitable state on the Wintel platform. I did try this a year or so ago, but Geocities didn't permit PNGs (or quite a few other non-proprietary formats) to be uploaded. I haven't verified this yet, but hopefully this has changed. If so, expect the first PNGs to begin cropping up across the site shortly.

Please sign the Mars Petition. The true conquest of space is one every human being on this planet should be aiming for. The US economical and technological growth was at its peak during the Apollo era, and if such a step can do it for the USA, more developed projects internationally could bring untold additional benefits - bringing nations together, and giving a dignified helping hand to the poorer nations. Put differences aside, along with war and greed - and aim for the stars, before humanity destroys itself.

Sign the ThinkMars Petition

But, who am I? Do you really want to know? (I'm pretty boring actually, though I've been told I have a sexy voice on the phone... but I wouldn't know about that)

So there we have it. Stay tuned and stay cool...

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The Amiga Pages

Dedicated to Amiga and compatible computers, with special support for PowerPC, Alpha and other Next Generation Amiga initiatives! Lots of links, information, news and discussion on AmigaOS, hardware and software. Also features links to general computing and non-Wintel information. [UK Mirror]
Regularly updated with progress on new Amiga technology

Top links to my favourite Science Fiction authors, artists, films and programmes. See the works that have shaped one of the most influential and creative movements in Literature, Art and Cinema. Includes dedicated pages for Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-Files, Space: Above and Beyond, Millennium, the cyberpunk genre and more!!!
Features an online bookshop and tribute pages

The SF Zone
The Paranormal Repository

A veritable treasure trove of links to Paranormal resources on the Web. Pointers to some of the better researched material on UFOs, Parapsychology and other gems of Forteana. Enter with an open, but cautious, mind!
Features an online bookshop and personal looks at the fortean

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The (Large-ish) Bit at the Bottom...

This site was developed entirely with non-Micros**t software on an Amiga personal multimedia computer system. Want to know more?.

Neither Myself, nor my IRC alter-ego MetalJoe, take any responsibilty for any loss, damage, injury, mental instability or offense resulting from the use of these pages in any form whatsoever. Quite how a bit of ASCII text can cause injury I'll never know... still, people will always try. You read these pages at your own risk!

All the graphics used on this site were created with Photogenics for Amiga, except the B5 numeral (which was rendered by Gareth Edwards) and the excellent "Created with Amiga" banner (created by Andreas Frank). The X-Files logo was also created using Photogenics, but the faces were converted and altered from another image. Ideally I would love to use PNGs for all of the logos, mainly because my X-Files logo looks better as a PNG than a JPEG (even on best setting)... help support the PNG format - it's far superior than GIFs and is patent free too!!!

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