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Welcome weary traveler! I am Ninane, youngest child of Lord Oberon, and his Queen, the Lady Titania! Please, join me in exploring this little piece of Avalon I call home. Make yourself comfortable, for this part of the island is kind to all types of creatures, human, gargoyle, fay, New Olympian, whatever you may be!

This site is dedicated to Disney's Gargoyles, a superb show that used to air as a part of the Disney Afternoon. However, this wonderful show has been cancelled in favor of "101 Dalmations". Not that I don't like dogs, but.... Gargoyles has a thick, involving storyline with references to English Literature, folk tales from other countries, rich plots, and even.. Shakespeare! *gasp* A cartoon that shows Shakespeare? No way! But it's true. Also, there's true history in Gargoyles. In the four-parter, "City of Stone", a very close approximation to the historical life of MacBeth is shown, with the addition of an important character. ;) All in all, Gargoyles was a masterpiece, and fandom mourns that there will be no new episodes on television.

However, the legend is far from dying! Webpages are springing up all over the Net, and the USA network has picked up the show, and it airs Monday-Friday at 7:30am and 8:00am. A double dose of Gargoyles.. what better to start out your morning! ;)

In addition, loyal fans of the show are working to keep the spirit alive! Here are two excellent examples:

The Gargoyles Saga-- A team of brilliant storywriters have banded together to create fanfiction episodes based on Greg Weisman's (the creator of Gargoyles) master plan. Plus, three other new series. Definitely worth a look!

Wintersmith Dreams-- A new fanfiction magazine, primarily published and mailed by snail mail, continues on with a whole cast of new characters, expanding the world of Gargoyles. Top notch writers and illustrators have made this dream a reality! Please, check it out!

Enjoy your stay here, and please.. watch out for any floating fay.. this place is crawling with my siblings!

I was at the Gathering in Spirit!! Honestly!! Click to see the proof! :)

For you other people who couldn't come to the Gathering, but were there in their hearts for this grand festivity, click here to find out how you can join this campaign and show your support for our beloved show and our fan base in general! Plus, you get the really neat logo above to put on your page! Do it today! :)

Places to go in this site:

Character Profiles
Overviews of the main characters in Gargoyles.. written by me!

Gargoyles Sound Bytes
Provided by JEB!

Ninane's Side of Avalon
All about my addition to the Gargoyles Universe.. Ninane!

Main Chat Reality Check
Have you ever wondered what the zany regs in Station8's Gargoyles Chat REALLY look like? Well, here's your chance to find out!

Coming soon:

Gargoyles Picture Gallery -- Scanned from my own Series 2 Gargoyle Cards I got for Christmas! (Yes!!)

Links to other sites on the Web

The infamous Station8 Page
Hosted by the mighty Gorebash (and where I spend 85% of my time). All hail!

The Gargoyles Fan Page
Originally at, hosted by Chris Rogers. Ties with s8 for the best Garg site on the web!

Credits: I'd like to thank ALL my friends in Gargoyles chat for helping inspire me to create this page.. and actually do a major overhaul! I would list you all, but it would triple the size of my page! Simply, you know who you all are.. my profoundest thanks and huge *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG*s.

Disclaimer: Any and all characters from Disney's "Gargoyles" that may be used are the property of the Walt Disney Company and Buena Vista Television. The character of Ninane, however, is mine.. created from ideas inspired by "Gargoyles". So please don't sue me! I'm just a poor helpless college student without a nickel to her name! Honest!

No Humans, Gargoyles, or Fay were harmed during the creation of this web page.

1997 Melissa Farrell

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