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Picture of me Holy Jesus, I never realised my site was a two years out of date!! Due to a lengthy confusion when the people at Yahoo! took over Geocities, I was assumed to be one year old and locked out of my site! And then I just got lazy. Anyway, my name is Devon Halley and this is my web site. I used to go to Emerson College in Boston, MA where I studied film. Which is by the way a dammed stupid waste of money. Now I live in Los Angeles and work for the Playboy Channel. Hopefully someday I'll be making movies.

I would tell you to look around for new stuff, but most everything here is massively out of date, so don't bother unless you're new to this site.

Check this stuff out!

A page I created for my digital culture class almost seven years ago. I don't know why I keep it up here... Oh wait yes I do, if I take it down I'll have nothing else to show you. BE WARNED: Not for the squeemish

The Beatles Paul is Dead page. Based on my original posting to CompuServe back in 1996, part of the Beatles Ring and also part of the Paul is Dead Ring. It also won an award!!!! If any part of this site will be updated soon it will be this one.

Ian Durling's Northern Mass Hardcore Page A comprehensive listing of the best hardcore bands in Northern Massachussetts. Well at least that's what Ian tells me.....WARNING: This page is circa 1997, not only was it never completed but I think all of these bands have broken up. It is here only to serve as a reminder of what once was.

The Number Six Shrine The shrine to my famous dead fish.

My Links Page A page containing some wild links to outrageous stuff I've found on the net! Well, not really but you can go see my friend's pages...

COMING SOON! (Probably Not)

Absolutely Nothing!

recomended by Bob Hope, No really!

FREE SCOTLAND!!!!! It's never too late!

Hello Gentlemen!
All Your Base are belong to us!
What he say?

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