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OR....BEAM ME UP SCOTTY...I'M WAY OVERDUE!!!!!!How fitting the first two web pages end up blank...It's SPACE...MY FRONTIER!!!...THE BIZARRE...IT'S MY LIFE!!! If this one ends up as a blank space where my page should have been---I'll SCREAMMMM!!!! Do have experiences with the paranormal...hauntings..esp..physic experiences alien encounters...I'd like to hear about them...I could write a book (maybe I should) with the strange things that occurs in my realm...

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It is the age of awareness, dwelling on a higher plane, being at one with the forces of nature, and communicating with them. An Aura surrounds us all...how does it affect the world around us...mechanical and electrical...Can you feel it, can you access it, can you control it? How do you develop the awareness we all have within (some more than others)...intuition (it not just for women--we all possess it) we must learn how to use it, listen to it..you'd be surprised what you'll learn from it. Check back often to see other little things my warped imagination develops..!, after doing 3 of these things til all hours of the morning. WARPED..and SPACE... are my DOMAIN now....and speaking of warped, Okay, Mr. Sulu, ahead warp factor 3, take me into ORBIT!! (actually I've probably been there an eternity) check out some of my favorite sites! Until the Great Reunion!...E....(yes, I've been TimeLapsed in Atlantis!!!! with those stupid drums!!!!!! found a way out, thank internet!)

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