Stephen M. Katulka

420 South Scott Avenue Glenolden, PA 19036

Objective To obtain a challenging position as a programmer in a goal-oriented environment, utilizing my strong

problem solving and technical skills.

Profile Possesses excellent analytical, problem solving, technical, and time management skills. Detail-oriented.

Integrates well into a team environment, and equally effective when working independently.

Technical Summary

Languages COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, Micro Focus Cobol, OS/VS2 MVS JCL, DB2, C, Visual Basic 6, HTML, JavaScript

Hardware IBM 370/390 architecture, IBM 3090 mainframe, IBM compatible PCs

Software MVS/ESA, TSO/PDF, VSAM, IBM utilities and support programs, CATIA, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1/9x/NT, MS Office 95/97, including MS Word, Excel, ACCESS 97, LAN Workplace5, Front Page Express, Web Page Express, Netscape, MSIE, E-mail

Concepts Program analysis and design, structured programming, table handling, editing functions, solving internal and external abends, file update and documentation, Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Applications Data validation, random and sequential file updating, sorting, multi-level control break processing, subprogram

linkage, table handling, Year 2000 concepts


Visual Basic – Created a program that tracks students, classes and grades using an Access database. Designed a system security screen and main menu screen that asks user to choose parts of the application.

Cobol II - Developed an account update program that used an input file to process account transactions and update the master file. Output file was used in a second program to print monthly invoices.

Cobol II/CICS - Created an order entry program to accept a customer’s order and write it to an order file.

DB2 - Coded a program with embedded SQL to retrieve information from DB2 tables.

C - Wrote a calculator program that displayed a menu offering the ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division by keying in floating-point numbers.


The Chubb Institute, Springfield, PA - Computer Programming; Completed December 1999, GPA 3.75

Interboro High School, Prospect Park, PA - Honors Program; Graduated June 1998, SAT 1490

Work Experience

QVC, Inc. West Chester, PA 2000 – Present

Assisted customers with various questions and concerns over an interactive internet live-chat medium (using Live Person™)

Starbucks Coffee, Broomall, PA 1999 - 2000

Service customers, assist in product selection, prepare beverages, train new employees, maintain inventory and quality control.

Best Buy, Springfield, PA 1998 - 1999

Personal Computer Technician – Prepared personal computer systems, installed and upgraded computer operating systems, applications and hardware. Evaluated customer concerns, suggested and implemented appropriate solutions. Performed troubleshooting on Windows 3.1, 9x, and NT systems. Repaired and/or replaced defective hardware components.

West Coast Video, Springfield, PA 1997 - 1998

Assumed managerial responsibility in absence of manager. Fielded customer inquiries and handled sales transactions. Maintained and catalogued inventory and presented customers a neat and attractive shopping environment.

National Fulfillment Services, Holmes, PA 1996 - 1997

Telemarketing Representative - Handled inbound calls, executed orders and resolved customer complaints.

Other Experiences

Interboro High School, Prospect Park, PA 1996 - 1998


Personal Interests