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The school of one's thoughts move like a school of fish.
Each is separate and different,
yet all flow in the same general direction.

What is School of Thought?

School of Thought is many things.

First, it is a collection of original ideas and concepts taken from a yet unpublished "print book" of the same name placed on the web in the hopes of it evolving into a Web of Thought. Sometimes it attemts to be an experiment in "stream of consciousness writing" for the people on the internet with an interest in reading and writing interesting new things. It may be for people with an interest in seeking truths or an even broader interest in self-improvement. It may be a type of philosophy and perhaps even a path for enhancing one's spirituality. Hopefully, at it's heart it aids in the development of ones own personhood.

But whatever it is there are a few things School of Thought definately is not. It is not meant to be any sort of organized religion or political organization. It is far too much fun to be either of those. Participation requires simply an open mind, the reading, the pondering and the eventual writing of ideas, thoughts, concepts and reflections of one web author in the hopes of another web author doing the same.

In it infancy, it's original creation was based on the words and ideas of two of this author's favorite print authors, Richard Bach and Dr. Leo Busgaclia. If you like these authors or or authors like them or if think you might like to read their works, you may enjoy participation in this School of Thought web adventure.

It is the hope of this writer that his original ideas and concepts which are taken from his individual School of Thought, will soon evolve out here on the Web. That by presenting those concepts, School of Thought, will gradually become a Web of Thought and that that this Web of Thought will continue to grow to include the thoughts and ideas from people of many different backgrounds, yet all with a common interest of becoming just a little bit better of a human being each day.

What you will see here if you return from time to time, will be what this author likes to call "thought bites." Just a little something for the heart, mind and soul to feed on. Hopefully, Web of Thought visitors will begin to leave "thoughtful" replies i.e. personal reflections of the ideas already place here and eventually, vai the collection of all of these reflections along with the original thoughts posted here we may begin to see a genuine World Wide Web of Thought.

As you can see, the simplest answer quickly becomes complicated ones, so instead of boring you with the rest of the details of School of Thought and Web of Thought you can decide right now to read a little more about the history of how School of Thought began or Dive Right In and try adding to the Web of Thought.

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