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There are four primary divisions of this webpage, they are as follows: (1) Citizens; this is a listing of all persons who are members of the Romulan Star Empire (2) Government; this section outlines the structure of the seiHehllirh (3) Information; this section provides readers with an excellent source of information with regard to the Rihannsu as a people, (4) Technology; this section outlines Rihannsu technology, with a primary focus on ships of the Imperial Galae, and (5) Links; this section provides links to other Rihannsu related material, namely the Imperial Galae and the Tal Shiar, as well as other important websites.

mnhei`sahe -- the Ruling Passion: a concept or concept-complex which rules most of Rihannsu life in terms of honor. Mnhei`sahe is primarily occupied with courtesy to the people around one: this courtesy, depending on circumstances, may require killing a person to do him honor, or severly disadvantaging oneself on his behalf. Mnhei`sahe is generally satisfied if all parties to an agreement or situation feel that their "face" or honor is intact after a social (or other) transaction. The concept has occasionally been mistranslated as implying that a given action is done "for another person's good." This is incorrect: such a concept literally does noty exist in Rihannsu. One does things for one's own good--or rather, the good of one's honor--and if properly carried out, the actions in question will have benefited the other parties in the transaction as well.

For further information regarding the Romulan Star Empire, please contact Stark tr`Khnialmnae.

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This portion of our webpage contains a listing of all recognized citizens of the Empire. If your name should be on here then please fill out the application for citizenship. There is a link to the application at the bottom of this page. For those interested in joining the Empire, see the aforementioned link.




A'ei ir-Theiiu t'
Aidoann i-Ra`tliehfi t`SahenImperial
Areinnye i-Nn`Verih t`RehuHigh
Koval i-Ra`tleihfi tr`AiemeTal
Llaiir i-Ra`tleihfi t`
Lorel DarKiith Mrevhoqq`
Rhian i`Mhiessan tr`LhaihtrhaTal
Stark i-Ra`tleihfi tr`KhnialmnaeDaise
Sakoth i-Rhehiv`je tr`IllialhlaeTal
T`maekh i-Ra`tleihfi tr`LlweiiImperial
Torin i-Ulnivea t`HarekTal
Vrih tr`ZegnaImperial

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The Rihannsu Imperial Alliance is governed by a council. A list of all members are listed below along with contact information.

The Rihannsu government, the seiHehllirh, is a three-tiered organization owing its existance to an ever evolving empire. The seiHehllirh, most commonly known as the Tricameron, came into power shortly after the defeat of Vriha T`Rehu, the Romulan Ruling Queen. This institution, a very strict and authoritarian body, was developed to prevent any one individual from taking control of and monopolizing power throughout the Empire for an indefinite amount of time.

The Rihannsu government was originally created to rule the Twin Worlds, ch`Ríhan and ch`Havran, and has evolved to the capacity of an Empire over time. Originally, the Romulan government was known as the Grand Council and was founded shortly after the Travellers made planetfall on the Twin Worlds. The Grand Council was a reprensetative body in which each village or clan was to send represenatives. Over a time of nealy 100 years, the Grand Council involved into what the Rihannsu know today as the Deihuih, most commonly known as the Romulan Senate.

The Romulan Senate is led by the Proconsul and is divided into two seperate divisions: the Upper Senate and the Lower Senate. Appointment to the Deihuih is made through inheritance. Senators normally hold their seats for lives and are passed down from generation to generation at the end of a senator's term.

The function of the Deihuih can be adequetly compared to that of other legislative bodies throughout the galaxy. The Deihuih is responsible for proposing and passing laws for the Empire, setting budgets, and ratifying treaties.

Any member of the Deihuih or of the Fvillhaih (the Praetorate) may propose a bill. This bill must be presented to the hru`Deihu, or the Head Senator, of the Lower Senate for initial passage onto the Senate's agenda. The Lower Senate will debate the bill and will either pass it or defeat it. If the bill is passed, it is forwarded to the hru`Deihu of the Upper Senate, the Proconsul, who declares First Passage. The bill is placed on the agenda of the Upper Senate who then debates the bill and either passes or defeats it. If the bill is defeated it is sent back to the Lower Senate to either by dropped or to be amended and sent to the Upper Senate once again with the appropriate adjustments having been made.

If the bill is passed, the Proconsul forwards the bill to the Fvillhaih, and declares Second Passage. The Fvillhaih will debate the bill and either pass or defeat it. If the bill is passed, it is sent to the Daise Fvillha (Supreme Praetor) who either proclaims the bill law or vetoes the bill. If the bill is defeated by the Fvillhaih or vetoed by the Daise Fvillha, the bill is sent back to the Lower Senate. The process either starts over again, should the Lower Senate wish to persue the bill, or it is dropped entirely.

The second branch of the seiHehllirh, is the Fvillhaih, the Praetorate. The Fvillhaih is headed by the Daise Fvillha. There is no formal method of succession to the seat of Daise Fvillha, and at times throughout Rihannsu history the position was never filled. The Fvillhaih includes one representative from each continent of the Twin Worlds, and as the Empire grew, the Fvillhaih grew to accomodate for one additional member from every colonized world in the Star Empire.

The Fvillhaih serves both as the executive and judicial branches of the the seiHehllirh. Appointment to the Fvillhaih is similar to that of the Deihiuh: seats are normally held for life and appointment is generally made through inheritance. The Fvillhaih is responsible for setting all Rihannsu foreign policy, commanding the Imperial Galae, appointing judges to courts, and finally settling major constitutional and legal disputes.

The Daise Fvillha, or the Supreme Praetor, is in essence the leader of the Praetorate and the Romulan Star Empire. He is responsible for the development of major treaties, military operations of the Imperial Galae, colonization programs, and insuring the overall stability of the Rihannsu Empire.

The Fvillhaih and the Deihuih are similar in that no member may be voted out of office. If fellow Senators and Praetors are not satisfied with the work of a commrade, they "send him or her their swords." Very rarely has such a motion ever been ignored if it comes from a sufficient amount of the Deihuih or the Fvillhaih.

The third and final branch of the seiHehllirh is the Romulan High Command, also known as the Continuing Comittee. The High Command is a strictly non-political body and exists to advise the Daise Fvillha and his Praetors. The High Command has no formal power and cannot enact policy on its own within the seiHehllirh. The High Command is composed of representatives from the Tal Shiar, ranking officials from within the Imperial Galae, the Kiith Mrevhoqq`ghi (the Rihannsu Diplomatic Corps), and the Phi`lasasam (the Rihannsu Galae Academy).

This portion of the site has been provided to give visitors some brief and public information about the Rihannsu Star Empire. This section has been split into three different sub-sections, they are listed below with a brief description:

     The Farmer's Festival
     Language Database
     Proper Creation of a Rihannha Name
     Rihannsu Culture, Religion, and Social Life
     Military and Civilian Ranks; Family Positions
     Rihannsu Institutions
     Rihannsu History: S`Task, The Travellers, Vriha T`Rehu, to the Present

The technology portion of the webpage serves to educate readers about Romulan technology, with a specific focus on Romulan ship technology.

Scout Vessels

Rihannsu scout vessels are relatively small, usually outfitted with sensory or mission specific equipment, and carrying a standard crew of two or three. Scout vessels are very important to the Fleet, because the sensors can compesate for the sensory shortcomings of the larger ships of the line, which are more inhibited by the constraints on the larger cloaking fields they have. Scouts can also function as small stealthy transports, shuttling personnel to needed locations swiftly. Fast and maneuverable, the scout can also see combat, roughly equivalent to the Federation Peregrine Class Raider. It is armed with dual disruptor banks and posesses a cloaking device.

Science Vessels

Science vessels are in many ways an advanced version of the Scout. It contains suites of sophisticated sensors for many purposes, as well as a much larger size and crew load (somewhere around 100). These vessels can be used for many purposes aside from mere scientific missions as it's name connotes, such as exploration, reconnaisance, and even as a test vessel for new technology. The Science vessel is also unique in the fact that it is not only utilized by the military, it is also used by civillian scientists, even those not under the direct employment of the military. Science vessels share the same armaments as the scout , except of course those which are issued for civilian use. Modifications can be made, such as the addition of a torpedo tube, but they are generally not performed as it is not meant to be a war vessel, and it comprimises other important systems and room for equipment. The Science vessel is also equipped with a cloaking device.

The D'Deridex Class Warbird

The D'Deridex class Warbird is one of the Galaxy's most feared vessels of War. Passed into mass construction during the last few decades, the D'Deridex's sheer size(About twice the size of a Federation Galaxy Class) is only matched by it's power. Armed to the teeth with disruptor cannons and plasma torpedo launchers, this formidable war vessel is on par with virtually every ship of the line throughout known space. Its only shortcomings are low maneuverability due to its size, and a lower sustainable warp rate than comparable Klingon and Federation craft. Equipped with the most recent of cloaking devices and weaponry, the strengh of the D'Deridex class forms the backbone of the Rihannsu Fleet.

Rihannsu Attack Cruiser

With the lack of warships capable of performing tasks that require maneuverability, save the aging Bird of Prey, and the rusted scows left behind from their brief alliance with the Klingons, the Rihannsu Military began to put effort into designing a new type of warship.

Work began first upon trying to upgrade the Bird of Prey and Klingon battlecruisers . The object of the game at first was to outfit these designs with greater firepower and endurance, at the same time conserving maneuverability and speed. This was difficult work, due to the steady release of new Federation technology, and Klingon technology as well, the new equipment of their allies would crush the prototypes they devised. Finally, defense became an issue, and the Empire drew itself into seclusion, relying instead upon the strength of the D'Deridex warbird.

Churning the D`Deridex class warbirds out regularly in a fashion that some would call paranioid, but turned out to be very prudent on the Empire's part. Once a sizable fleet developed, attention was turned back again to the attack cruiser plan.

The style of the battlecruisers given to them ages ago during the alliance was adopted for the project, because of their simplistic and enduring general design, also to be on par with the ships steadily emerging from the Klingons. Thus the Rihannsu Attack Cruiser was born.

Similar to the Klingon "Vor'cha" attack cruiser, the Rihannsu Battle Cruiser is on a slightly smaller scale, yet completely adequate in the area of firepower, boasting disruptor cannons and a generous amount of torpedoes. Nicknamed Ael'Llaihr or "Winged Death" by engineers and strategans, the Attack cruiser's objective is simple. During an attack, the Attack Cruisers, alerted by scouts to the enemy's presense, speed up under cloak to the engagement area, then sweep into the enemy formations, uncloaking and cutting a swath of destruction upon the enemy fleet. Once they've hampered them enough, they cloak again and head off. Depending on the distance, several such attacks can happen to confuse the enemy, while the slower D'Deridex warbirds steadily gain upon the enemy's position, ready to finish off the remnants of the fleet.

The Rihannsu attack cruiser is still in production, and therefore limited in number. Attack cruisers are conserved to specialized squadrons, scattered throughout the Empire to wait upon a call to battle. With their swiftness and speed, the Rihannsu attack cruiser seldom ever lets an enemy escape it's grasp.

D'Kazanak Class Warbird

One of the most glaring flaws in the D'Deridex design of warbirds was the slow sustainable warp speed. Rihannsu enginneers have toiled over the problem for some time ever since it's passage into service, but balancing the power efficiencies of the weapons systems and propulsion systems seemed impossible. That is until one man, Lord Kazanak, came up with the answer.

He would simply make it bigger.

As astounding as the fact may be, the D'Kazanak warbird is nearly twice the size of it's own predecessor, nearly the same exact size and general shape, and bristling with even more weaponry and capabilities. The size is meant to create more energy for the propulsion systems, giving it a higher sustainable warp speed than the D'Deridex, tearing through space with the force of its massive engines. Though Lord Kazanak saw this as a necessity, the few outsiders who have witnessed it view it as a leviathon of destruction. True, the sight of it does stagger the mind, and is apt to send any enemy running, but the one drawback against it is the abyssmal maneuvering rate. The ships large bulk is of course cumbersome and isnt conducive to any fine motions.

D'Kazanak class warbirds are far from being in wide dispersal as of yet, their applications and abilities are still being tested. In fact, most of the fleet regards their existance as a myth, since few have personally viewed them. Eventually, they will probably become useful as a quick and definative method to settling disputes on the borders, as well as possibly shuttling ground troops to locations quickly within its cavernous reaches, then defending them from the skies as they take the planet. Whatever the application, the D'Kazanaks will undoubtebly prove worthy to the Empire.

For further information regarding the D`Kazanak class warbird, read The Romulan Prize, by author Simon Hawk.

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