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To all folks from, gosh, I hate disappearing on you. Time to hit DejaNews and catch up.

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I consider the leader of Rogue Squadron to be fully able to run the United States of America. What do you think?
Wedge is determined to have his group be the best that there is and is willing to risk his people's devotion to him in order to make them better. If we cannot ask that of our country's leaders, then I feel that they are sadly underqualified.

Wedge would never consider renting out the rooms of the White House for campaign money -although he may exhibit a somewhat disturbing slip from time to time in calling it the "Imperial Palace".
I have been assured that Mr. Antilles will never dissolve the Senate and let fear keep the local systems in line.

Mr. Antilles is currently developing a new plan to keep orphaned children off the streets. He spoke on this topic at our last PR meeting, saying, "I think we should take care of those kids. I was an abandoned orphan, and look what happened to me."
Of course, Mr. Antilles was referring to his long heartwrenching internal struggles and not his dealing in weaponry for the Rebel Alliance, although he feels that more children should help the human rights cause. He also said, "If I hadn't been in a Rebel X-wing, the first Death Star would still be killing people today. You should all thank your luck that I was there and not denouce me for being a traitor to an unjust government."

PierceJB of writes of our candidate: Wedge probably would be a pacifist, of course it depends on how soon after the battles were over he took office as the farther from the battles they've seen (at least in the case of U.S. presidents) the more they forget the horror of it and remember other things IMHO, but I can't imagine Wedge promoting war and being overtly military, he's lost too many close friends to it, even though it was necesary to free the galaxy, to be gung ho about sacrificing others unless it was necessary again, he's too concerned about people. I think he'd be a pacifist, but not a push over, he'd do what had to be done militarily and otherwise to keep the galaxy free from tyranny, and I'm pretty damn sure he'd jump in the old X-wing cockpit to fight himself in the battles, rather than just sit insulated behind a desk in the capitol. He'd be a rare type of politician, one who was solely interested in the good of the nation rather than himself and power.

Wedge ingratiates himself with the populace

It has been brought to my attention that Captain Tycho Celchu would be a good Vice-President and an apt running mate for Mr. Antilles. After doing some research on Captain Celchu, I agree. If we seek loyalty in our leadership, Antilles and Celchu are the epitome of loyalty.

If you support us, put our URL in your .sig file.
Palpatine's dead. Vote Wedge.
Antilles/Celchu '00
Credit for the inspiration of this slogan goes to Brad Cole. Yay. Or there is another popular slogan: You know what they say about the size of a man's X-wing...

In the event that Mr. Antilles and Mr. Celchu decide to take up the office of New Republic Chief of State and Assistant to the Chief of State, Michael Stackpole suggested the slogan
They won Coruscant, let 'em run it.
Button update-
Kevin Reilly suggested to me that I produce Antilles/Celchu buttons. I have been considering this for a long while and believe that the best way to pull it off would be to put designs on this site. Any graphically gifted Wedge supporters are very welcome to mail me their designs, although what I have in mind are buttons with only text. I know that many people have requested them, so I will hurry as best I can.

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Hey, guess what? XiZOR'S

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