English Voodoo


"Welcome to English Voodoo. Expect to feel pleasure. Knowledge is sexy. Expect to feel pain. Knowledge is torture."

"We're all out there, somewhere, waiting to happen"

'Vurt' by Jeff Noon

Hello Kittlings, welcome to Vurtspace.


Your feather for today is BANSHEE, a bitch in BLACK, all tenderness and pain. This trip takes you to Vurtchester, Manchester dreaming. Here live the Crash Riders, Mand and Jase, slumming through the dark and the damp, finding kicks where they can.

"Awake, you know that dreams exist. Inside a dream you think the dream is reality. Inside a dream you have no knowledge of the waking world. It is the same with Vurt. In the real world we know that Vurt exists. Inside the Vurt we think that Vurt is reality. You have no knowledge of the real world." Game Cat

English Voodoo is a serious knowledge feather.
In this garden are many gateways into the Vurt. Each gateway is a feather into a different dream.
Right now you are tasting BANSHEE, a black feather which takes you into the Crash Riders dreams.
There are other feathers waiting for you to taste....

But, as the Game Cat says, BE CAREFUL, BE VERY CAREFUL.


This page is dedicated to the author Jeff Noon, who opened our minds to the Vurt, and gave Manchester something more than rain!

We have created a mailing list for Jeff Noon, if you want to subscribe please follow the link to the Jeff Noon Page.


Updated 16th January 1999 - Library & Jeff Noon Pages

Updated 25th May 1999 - Deverry Pages
A mailing list for Katharine Kerr is now available on the Deverry page



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You can now purchase the fabulous Noon & Gemmell books as you float through this feather light world, and unlike the feathers you may choose, this is a safe and secure path. Dream your way to me to keep updated....


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