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Welcome to Aladriana's Keep. As you enter the main hall, you see a raging fire with an old women sitting in front of it.  As you get closer, you notice the firelight gleam off of her sightless eyes. Even so, she smiles, and welcomes you onward.Fire.gif (21504 bytes)


"Good Even' Traveller. I hope your journey has not been too long. You are welcome within my home, and all that is contained therein. Just remember, you are responsible for yourself inside."


door.gif (1185 bytes) Dungeon Welcome, it's just down those stairs and to the left. Role playing information and important links. NEW as of 11/5/98 Rules for the #silverbladeinn

door.gif (1185 bytes) Library Pull up a cushioned chair, and get comfortable. Stories, writing links and information, and of course

door.gif (1185 bytes) Main Hall In this area you can find out all sorts of misc. things, including movie reviews from the mundane world.

door.gif (1185 bytes) Tower This is the last stop (for now) in my keep. Information about me. Enter, if you dare.

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