Guild of the Rose

In a time long forgotten, in a realm of darkness, there is a land of uncertainty where any thing is possible and usually happens. That is where the keepers of balance dwell. It is said long before civilization started that the gods were uneasy. They had great difficulty keeping their creations under control. It is said they created a force so powerful and elite, mortal man looked upon them as deities. Even to this day they are known only as a ghostly rumor.

Legends tell of entire civilizations being destroyed in a single night, leaving only a rose behind to signify a new start from the ashes. But no one really knows how or why they came to be, or if they really do exist. To most they are just a fairy tale, or a myth. No one alive has actually ever seen one of them. But many claim to have seen the end result of their power. THE ROSE, a symbol of the ancient guild governs everything they are said to stand for. For it is their duty to keep the delicate balance which binds the universe.

Brothers of the Rose!!

Information about Characters and their background

Read about the Shogin, Head of Assasins you can also look at the Castle, an Assasin with story, a High Cleric and even pictures. For more information about the story click here --->link

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