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We are a group of dedicated Star Wars Fans who have fun playing Star Wars RPG.  These pages are designed to tell of our experiences and ideas to help other Star Wars Fans.

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Who We Are

Mark Hempstead, Gamemaster and Editor of this Page

Matt Hansen, known as Chuckles, and Colonel Hemlock

Jay Ferrell, known as Admiral Les Paul

Al Halliday, Hugh G. Reaction Part time player

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OUR RPG Campaigns

The CRAM Sector, an Imperial Stronghold, a setting for many Adventures.  We are currently not playing in this sector but, more information will be added. Includes links to Imperial Related Sites.


The (Pegasus Task Force Campaign). UNFINISHED Our Oldest Campaign, about an other dimension and a group of Rebels trying to change history.  We have fished this campaign.  In reality it has involved in to the LLR or 8th Fleet Campaign.

The 8th Fleet or LLR Campaign.  Read about members of the Pegasus task force who returned home and their mission to unite a Sector.  Admiral Les Paul has returned and is at the head of a powerful taskforce.  

The Newest Jedi Campaign which takes place 4,000 years before the Movies.  We haven't started it yet but this is a place for me to store my ideas. 

Short Adventures

Sneak into an Imperial Installation on a Rim Planet to discover what secretes they are researching in Technicalities.

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