Spartan Fleet Academy

Greetings. Welcome to the Spartan Fleet Academy. My name is Captain Morgan Gilbear, Jr. Commandant of the Academy.

What is required of you?
All you need to do is read the emails that get sent to you, follow the links that I provide for you, do the quick activities I assign you, and write the quizzes I give you. This will provide you with all of the information you will need to successfully participate in a PBEM RPG.

What do you require of me?
You tell me. The only way I can make my classes better is to have your feedback. Am I going to fast? Am I going to slow? Was the info helpful, etc. Don't hesitate to email me about anything, I will try to help you to the best of my ability.

Spartan Fleet Basic Academy

Here is a basic outline of the lesson plan:

Spartan Fleet Advanced Couse curriculum

This is the next step in your Academy education, where you choose your ;"Major;", selected from the list below.

Spartan Fleet Command Course

This is a course designed for prospective Executive Officers and Commanding Officers.

Spartan Fleet General College

The final step in your SPartan Fleet Academy education. This course is designed for the experienced player to take command of a Task Force, or to take a position in the Admiralty.

Please remember that the faster you do the required excercises when requested, the faster I can comment on them and return them.

At the top of each quiz is a section for your charecter's name, your e-mail address, Ship or station name, and your Commanding Officer's name. That needs to be filled in each time you take a quiz.

Thanks for your participation.

Captain Morgan Gilbear, Jr
Academy Commandant

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