Longevity's Everlasting Hole In The Earth

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longevity, n. long life: great duration of life.

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While all of the links end in ".html", I am NOT using a Mac. I think Macs suck (just my opinion). But, I DO think html sounds better that htm when you say it. That's why I use ".html". And yes, that is the real reason (well, one of them...).

My head is filled with disease, my skin is begging you please, I'm on my hands and knees, I want so much to believe.

Explicit lyrics?Who cares?

People cry and people moan, look for a dry place to call their home, try to find some place to rest bones, while the angels and devils try make 'em their own.


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Okay, I am NOT Satanic. I am not promoting satanism, nor am I promoting any other religion. I believe these pics just kick, you can believe whatever you want.

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Life is like puzzle, ain't no tellin' when they'll bury me.

Just so you know, this page is gonna need some major re-construction. As for now, it's pretty crappy.

Have a nice day :-)

I'd tell you not to steal my images, but I myself stole all of these from other sites. But, if I actually do make and put it up on my page, I'll make sure noone steals it.

Now that that is over. You can look at the rest of my home on the net :-)

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