Welcome to My World

So you have come, I have been expecting you actually. This is my domain, my home the place where what I do and love most becomes evident to you. I invite you to enter and embrace that which is the true me. Within lies that which I struggle for that which I yearn to complete and in end learn to accept. It contains that which I will learn, that which I know, and inversely that which I may never know. We travel are own ways in life, some hard, some easy, some bright, some dark, some better, some worse, some painful, some full of pleasure, some with love, some with hate, some to do good, some to do evil, some to know, some to forget, but all of them are our own. So I ask you....

Shall we walk together down mine for a while?

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The Rainbow Jaguar Copyrighted

By Renee Grothe

Used with Permission

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