01-17-03 For those of you that have been here before you'll notice things have changed and have been updated quite a bit... first thing you might notice is my area for Neverwinter Nights. Now while the basic idea for this site remains unchanged, alot of my old content for 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D has been removed from the server and archived on CD for safe keeping. I'll not be updating this information anylonger as my Game Group and I have completely converted to 3rd Edition D&D and d20 system. Which will also bring me to another matter: The Palladium System. I know most of you relied alot on my being able to offer Netbook information on "Exo-Squad", "Space" and "Ninjas & Superspies" for the Palladium Megaverse. I am going through those archives and converting them also to d20 system. The reason for the convert is pretty simple... Open Gaming License.

I'll not defend myself to 'flamers' or answer any emails concerning the release of the material for Palladium. My biggest complaint about Palladium was its use of "legal" terminology concerning "un-solicited" manuscripts. So many times will you see folks submitting plots, character hooks, story lines and artwork only to get "Brand Stamped" as Palladium Books property. Now whether or not the subject the author sent to Palladium was accepted, those ideas are forever lost as is the author's right to "credit"... I'd rather not get sucked in and loose my opportunity to be able to "sell" myself to other publishers by attempting to "sell" to Palladium Books.

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  • 01-14-03 New site gets final seal of approval as concept drawings near completion.
  • 01-10-03 D&D and d20 Pages are removed for updates. All Palladium Books material removed.
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  • 01-07-03 My Birthday, I finalize my descesion to give the site a makeover and I compose the opening statement to which is going to be released on the date of publishing.(Happy Birthday to Me I picked up a copy of Farscape RPG for d20)
  • 01-05-03 My Daughters birthday she turns 8, Happy Birthday Snow!!