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If you are looking for a website that is dedicated to 3d shootem ups then look no further...

The standard blaster: Very...very standard,infinate ammo makes it good as a last resort.

Shotgun: powerful enough with more buckshot than Dale Winton not very handy at long range

super shotgun:Extremely powerful two clean hits for a kill, more buckshot than Dale Winton and David Bowie put together.

Machine gun:Splatters bullets everywhere slowly moves up with the recoil eats up ammo though!

Chain gun:Amazing,possibly the most handy weapon that you can use in multiplayer,in single player however it is very much like the machine gun but packs more punch than Mike Tyson.

Grenade launcher:A personal favourite of mine,rebound hugely powerful grenades of walls. The higher up you aim it the further the grenades go, try it out on some freinds over a modem or link cable for maximum effect.

Rocket launcher:very powerful indeed,you can kill people in one direct hit. This is very cool when used with quad damage!Gibs galore!!!

Hyper blaster:top notch stuff here, the hyper blaster is a rapid fire weapon that guarantees to render even the hardest of bad guys into endtrails in about a second...DONT MESS!!!

Rail gun:Hard as f***in nails.Ever seen the film eraser??? nuff said.

BFG 10k:undoubtedly the hardest weapon in the whole game!Fire one shot into a croud of about fifty nasties, blink once and expect to see the charred skeletons of you enemies.

That was my weapons guide... Be prepared for my best multiplayer tips guide!


using the grenades you can rebound the grenades down from the window over-looking the stream on the first level!

Again on the first level if you go to the room where the end of level lift is, go round the back of the staircase to the right of the screen.When you under there walk to the centre of the far wall and press crouch. In front of you will be the quad damage in all its glory!!! Once you have the quad damage run up the stairs and up the little peak to the right of the lift then, take a run/jump and you can land on top of the door!!! This means that any unsuspecting player who walks in this room will have a few lumps of led in the back of their head from your super shotgun enhanced with quad damage. watta top tip!

If you go down where the stream is there is a pile of crates with a rocket launcher on top. Get the rocket launcher and then go to the staircase by the entrance of the archway infront of you. If you drop down the left hand side of the stairs and crouch you will find the silencer. With both the silencer and the rocket launcher head towards the open pipe down in the stream and wait there with your rocket launcher a'ready and blast the f*** out of any body that you see. This tip is great because in the pipe you are sheltered from enemy fire and if they havent seen you then the silencer makes it an un-detected kill!!!


Above the stream and impaled body there is a brocken bridge. If you jump from the right handside to the left there is a really little ledge leading in the same direction as the tunnel on the ground floor. Follow the ledge all the way across as far as you can go. There is an invincibility ring here and a good position to sniper! My Unreal Page