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This page contains tons of links to Wing Commander sites.
I have tried to compile a very large list of Wing Commander sites
and I am always adding more.   Enjoy yourself!

AceNet Links-  Links to AceNet sites and Ship and Unit links.
Wing Commander Media-   Books, Games, Guides, and CDs from
Wing Commander Confederation Links-  Links to Confederation sites and Ship and Unit links.
Privateer Links-
Miscellaneous Wing Commander Sites-
News Sites-   Site the a updated regularly with news and information on Wing Commander.

News Sites-
Wing Commander: Secret Ops-  The official Secret Ops.
hd_wccic.gif (14159 bytes) The Wing Commander C.I.C.-
The Official Wing Commander Movie Website-
Dan's "Wing Commander: The Movie" Page-

Miscellaneous Wing Commander Sites:
Origin's logo Origin Systems, Inc.-The company who created the Wing Commander games.
Origin's Wing Commander: Prophecy Page-
The Official Wing Commander: Prophecy Gold Edition Page-
Thrakath's Prophecy Page-
Wing Commander IV-   This is a page by "Brain" on WC IV.
Usenet- The Wing Commander news group.
Wing Commander The Virtual Pilots Club-   Lots of files and patches for WC games.
The Confederation Naval Space Academy-   Contains tips, hints, and cheat for all the Wing Commander games.
Wing Commander 4.123106-   A humorous spin off of WC 4.   It is rated "R" by its author.
WC Confederation Net-  A site that aims to be the most comprehensive source of information available on the Wing Commander universe.
Baen Books Home Page-   Publishers of the Wing Commander novels.
The Wing Commander Alliance-
Stephen Karafiath Beast Wing commander Homepage-
Wing Commander Wing Commander: Mission Briefs and Game Hints-
The Wing Commander Headquarters-
The Enemy Within-
The TCS Terror-
Wing Commander: Border Worlds Rebellion-
Broley's Wing Commander Page-
Moose Squadron Main Homepage-
Dire Wolf's Notes-
ICIS: A Wing Commander: Prophecy page-
Claws of the Empire Claws of the Empire-
The Terran Confederation-
Wing Commander Anonymous-
Wing Commander Lounge-
Ken's Wing Commander Universe-
WingCommander- The Movie-
Fire 4 Station- Axius System-
Vandoom's Wing Commander Page-
Universo Del Wing Commander-
HellRaisers WC Site-

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