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medAssist is a relaible and scalable mobile patient tracking solution for MDs to use in Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC.

Customizable treatment types, treatment zone, prescription items and anamnesis according to physician's speciality

Patient tracking on diagnosis basis

Receivables management

Appointment management and sychronization                   click on 

Move your company to internet....

Website Design



Browser based applications

Push Technology

Technology: Dhtml, XML, Flash, Java, ASP, Mobil Channels, SQL, SQLCE... 


IVR Solutions

Fax on Demand; Documents like, Product Cataloques, Price Quotes, Cetain Forms are faxed to the number dialed by the user. 

Automated Surveying and Telemarketing, Downloaded phonenumbers dialed Survey questions readed  to the surveyee. Surveyee answers questionaire by using dial pad.  Results are recorded to the database.

Product info and partner navigation lines 0-800  or standard phone lines, system reads the product/service info the customer. Customer can get the sales or service points contact info by using dial pad.

Custom solutions, covers the projects demanding 5-250 channels, i TTS and database integration.

Remote Outlook Syncronization....
Outlook , Excel, Word and database files can be remotely synchronized with your pocket pc via dial up connection. 

Headphones and Amplifiers projects: Pump up your portable player with the clean, punchy sound of an portable headphone amp.You can get a lot better sound from your headphones than you might think. If you’re one of those lucky people who can work listening to music all day, you really need to check this area out.If you work with sound as a professional, this is the place to find good things....more


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Senheiser PX100 and PX200 to carry on music with you whereever you are, and you will be addicted to this one in a short time.Useful for Walkman....more