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`What we call the beginning is often the end, And to make an end is to make a beginning,
The end is where we start from.' - T.S.Eliot

Presented to you by The Evil Bunny

If you have wandered to this site through chance or misfortune you may find
that it's gardens, paths and byways have not been tended for quite some time.
Well I'm back to dust off the cobwebs and spread some brand new shiny ones.

Or Perhaps just to make a bigger mess than ever.
Yeesh! This really needs some work.

While I'm pottering around here trying to make the place presentable,
I have a new-ish art folio website you may visit at evilbunny .

I also have a LiveJournal at: The Journal of the Evilbunny

Updates: Just a few adjustments so far, no major face lifts.
21st July 2004 About Me
21st July 2004 Brand New Shiny Links


Resist long as you are able.


How will I feel when I don't exist?
How will I dream when I'm dead?
Do my thoughts endure?
Will the echoes of my heartbeat remain,
or does my blood spill cold upon the floor
and rise no more, and rise no more...
Will my dying breath be heard?
Will the world sigh or laugh as I fall,
as snow, back to the ground.
Or will the world heed me not at all?
And has my heart stopped beating in my chest?
Not yet, not yet, not yet, yet, yet, yesssss.

And perhaps I cross your mind occasionally
as a faint blur in an obscure dream of cats,
or do you wonder who I am? too.


last update 21st July 2004


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