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A different kind of Hawk. This one, from the pages of Image Comics. This one, one who runs with the night. This one, much darker than any other hawk in the history of comics. The Shadowhawk. Jim Valentino's creation which came to being from the most interesting of places. This one had many a rocky road before seeing a finite series. So interesting was this character, the question was posed, Who Is Shadowhawk? In the early run of the series, the character's identity was not revealed. And the mystery continued. The character itself was not a really original concept, there had been other vigilantes like him in the past out of both Marvel and DC Comics. But keeping the identity a secret and giving away only a few clues as to just who he was, that was original. Since then, there have been two others who have taken up the mantle of Shadowhawk. In time, they will be showcased here as well, along with the Shadowhawks of legend. I have also put my own editorial in, as to why this die-hard DC Comics fan, is showcasing an Image Comics character. The short Rogues Gallery, and also, the all important image gallery of those who worked on Shadowhawk. And finally, the creator, Jim Valentino describing how Shadowhawk was born.

Who Is ShadowHawk? The Creator What almost was.... What came to be.... Rogues Gallery Images of ShadowHawk
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