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Note: This is NOT an on-line holt.

BlueReef and Windhowl are two separate holts published in the same newsletter, thereby giving members a choice of stuff to do and work on. There will also be a mixed media section as before for all the other elf stories that just don't fit anywhere else. For more information on each of the holts, follow the links below.

Windhowl Holt This is a wolfrider holt with most of the elves being wolf-blooded. The holt is set in the mountains, with snowfall in the winters, and warm summers.
BlueReef Holt This is a sea holt set in a cliff face with entrances both on the land and in the water. These elves are mostly pure-blooded and have more magics than the wolfriders. Temperatures are warm and most elves dress simply.
WindSea For more information on our fanzine, follow the link!
Membership Initial membership is $20 (USD) a year for three issues of the holt fanzine, WindSea. The renewal rate is $18 (USD). Members can have elves in both holts or just one, whatever is their preference. Character restrictions are per holt (see individual holt info). Upon joining you will receive our character information sheet (CIS) format.
Note: The fanzine is considered to be suitable for people 13 years and older; those under 13 years of age should seek their parents' permission prior to joining the holt.
General Guidelines General guidelines which apply to both holts and should be read by those interested in joining either or both holts.
Links Links to webpages of some of our members.
Annette Pschirrer ( Point of Contact for any questions and information on joining.

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For any questions about the holt and for information on joining, please contact Annette Pschirrer

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