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Let's see, this may build a little slow but I want to do this right.
I've had a "love" for Kitty (and later Illyana) probably as much as one can, these being comics characters and all. I began reading X-Men back around 1980 or so.
I was 13 and Kitty was 13 and she had these neat powers. Well, she wasn't my first love but she's outlasted all others since.(Maybe it's because she's fictional that she seems like the "perfect" woman.)
I was actually mad at Peter's character when he dumped her thinking he was a fool. (Yeah, I knew he was fictional, but hey. . .)

I started a fan club/newsletter for Kitty and it was mentioned in Excalibur a couple of times.
However, I started the thing to expand my comics "stuff" not to replace it. The point being that I spent so much time and money on the Soulmates! newsletter that I had to cut back on my comics and other "neccesities"
Anyway, I just wasn't set up for the expense of such a large response. (We had just over 500 members when it finally and completely imploded AND I had letters still coming in for years after that.
I have since moved and no longer recieve letters at that address.

Apologies to anyone reading this who who was let down in any way after writing me. I had "return to sender/wrong address" from people who wrote incomplete or illegible addresses to me. People moving and what have you.
We ran about 6 or 7 newsletters and one annual. I'm sorry to say that Soulmates! (the print version anyway) is defunct but some of the former members are now a part of an apa called Teams and Titans. (If your interested go and click on the T & T link down below.) Anyway, I hope to build a pretty decent bio of both characters and expand into other interests as time progresses. Thanks for reading this and please come back every couple of weeks as I WILL be adding stuff as the icon below says. I'd like to hear from any and all Kitty and Illyana fans.

A relatively complete compilation of Shadowcat appearances up to around '96 or so when I lost the time to do this.

Kitty and Lockheed
Francine from Strangers In Paradise/ The "other" woman in my life :-)

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