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This page was last updated 01-04-03.
Regretably, I am no longer active in the game due to time constraints, so this page could disappear at anytime.

Welcome to my Olympia II page.
I'm known as Wyrmswyrd here in the Cavern.

Olympia II is a commercial game (pay to play) run by Rich Skrenta. It is set in a medieval fantasy world where magic works, and mighty heroes and armies clash for the right to rule. You can (role)play your faction into a power to be reckoned with, attempting to gain fame, power, notoriety or anything else you may seek. The path you choose to tread is entirely up to you. The depth of the game system allows most any "real world" actions you'd care to undertake in attaining the goals you've set. It's my favorite in PBeM gaming
(...well, Atlantis v1 thru v3 run real close seconds,) and is what this page is all about.
I've been involved in Olympia II since the beta as a playtester, where I played a "merchant & trading" faction named Qu'ruim. I managed to hold a position in the top ten when the beta finished and I've been hooked ever since. I played a "magic" faction Companions of Caerleon for quite a while in G1 of the commercial start-up, and have returned to play in G2 where I currently run the "explorer" faction Stahl & Stein.
It's an outstanding game that has something for everyone. I hope you'll look into it if you're not already involved
...it's always nice to have fresh meat on the table.

If you're interested in learning more about the game, then look over Rich's official Olympia II game site, or any of the other excellent player maintained sites for a look into the background of the game.

Here at my page you can find the public maps I maintain. Hopefully in the near future I'll find time to write and put up a tips and strategy guide for new and old players alike ...or maybe you'll write it?!? ;-)

Well, work has been a killer the past couple of months. As should be obvious from the "Last Updated" link, I've not revised the pages or any maps recently (3 months... sheesh.) Hopefully I'll be able to become active in the game again (beyond just submitting orders) in the near future, and bring the pages up to date with lots of new map info and gossip. Stay tuned... but I wouldn't recommend holding your breath waiting. ;-)

Well, I _tried_ to browse my pages today, and found much was amiss. Seems GC has been having some problems. Copies of the map pages on my PC didn't match those on the server. Several were totally unreadable, while others weren't loading properly. I uploaded the last revisions (from May... hopefully I can update them soon) of the map pages again, and things _seem_ to be working properly now. Email me or leave a comment in the Guestbook if you experience any problems.

I still have the maps that I generated with MM's PERL scripts for anyone that's interested. (Keep in mind that "quirks" of the scripts cause these to be somewhat inaccurate.)

I uploaded an example of a graphics based variant of the map for Central Provinia. Please, give me some feedback on this via email, or comments if you sign my Guestbook. I'd appreciate and be interested in your opinions on the "look", "load times", etc. Let me know what you think!

and let me know how to make this site more useful to you ...or see who else has.

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since 30 August, 1997.

Olympia II, the game, rules and text are Rich Skrenta 1995-1997.

The following are a few of my own favorite sites. Enjoy!
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    Earth:2025: Game of resource management and battle for survival on a near future Earth.
    Dark Pirates: Take command of your own pirate vessel, and battle against others for loot and glory.
    Dragon Tavern: Simple but addictive text "clicky" RPG. Fight monsters as one of 24 character classes among the 3 distinct factions.
    Heroes of Ardania: Another text "clicky" RPG but with more detailed mechanics. Fight monsters, complete quest, craft new gear and explore a large world. Play as one of sixteen distinctly different classes as you battle and quest through the world
    Atlantis v3: An Olympia-like PBeM game. I've played several of the earlier versions and was part of the beta-test of v3. I recommend all of them highly if you enjoy Olympia II.
    Olympia PERL Tools: This is Mike Merrel's page where you can find his PERL scripts for generating Olympia II maps.
    The PERL Homepage: This is where you can find PERL for the Windows OS. You'll need it if it's not already installed on your system and you want to use Mike Merrel's perl scripts to generate Olympia II maps.
    Cygwin: This is a UNIX enviroment that runs under the Windows OS. Very useful for those of us that don't own a LINUX or UNIX box to be able to play with games like Atlantis. I've found it very useful.
    Matt's Script Archive: Here you can find PERL scripts for various task when putting together your website. Counters; guestbooks; etc.