Welcome to my home, traveller, I wish you a short and unpleasant stay.

You are visitor # to reach this sanctuary in the Mists. Beware, though, once you leave. For this land is an unforgiving place of evil, nothing more, nothing less.

Welcome, traveler, to this safe haven. What did you say? You just came out of a strange fog? I see, I know all to well what that feels like. Come, share my fire. These stone monoliths will hide us from the creatures of the night that prowl these lands. If they fail, however, I have a few tricks of my own to defend us...
Oh! Forgive me for being so rude. I am Kalias Trivune, the self-styled "Mad Bard" of Alfheim. This domain, named Avonleigh, is my home for now. Now I must ask you, what is YOUR business here?

The Nameless Tome
While you are here, perhaps you would like to read some of my works? Now, I must tell you that not all of what I write might be considered, by your standards, "sane," but I assure you, it is most interesting.

The Library
Some say there is a great library with tales of other worlds than those of this multiverse. Tales of lands where we are called "fantasy," tales of lands where technology is greater than even that of the most advanced in the Demiplane. This is true. I, and I alone, know how to reach this library in the Mists. I can take you there if you wish.

The Darklord
Would you like to learn more of the strange being who controls the domain called The Library and all in it? There is much to learn, however, and this does not even scratch the surface of his psyche.

Sign the Guestbook
Would you like to leave an account of yourself with me? Perhaps you just wish to read the accounts of those who have left their names? This is all a very good way for me to notify the authorities of what to write on your grave marker should you never return.

Other Domains
You would like to leave? But why? Well, then I will try to guide you, but beware the Mists which surround us, for they do not like incursions into their realm.

Coming Soon!
A guide to what you can expect to appear here in the future.

Contact the Master, for only then will you learn what you wish to know.

It seems that someone has taken notice of myself and my humble home, and has allowed me entrance to what seems to be a series of linked portals leading through this land of horror. Beware, for I do not dare use them myself, though you may if you truly wish...

John Talisant
is Lord of this
Island of Terror.
What Has Gone Before
What Is Yet to Come
Enter the Mists
Consult the Vistani

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