Celtic Highlanders of Britannia
Celtic Highlanders of Britannia

The Scribe wanders over towards the many bookcases, wrinkled hand removing a thin volume which he sets upon an oaken table. With a slight hobble he slips behind the highly polished wood, seating himself carefully before reaching for the inkpot and quill

"It hast been two years since the Celtic Highlanders of Britannia Guild wast formed. In that time, an abundance of prosperity hast shined down upon these doers of good, but alas, hardships hath also struck periodically. Nonetheless, this group of astounding individuals hath persevered through it all, leaning against each other ast friends and shieldmates."

Dipping the quill into the pot he adds more to this book entitled, 'CHB'. "There ist a Guildtower now, a true home for this Guild. It mayeth be found upon the facet world which ist called Trammel, whilst a large Guildhall ist in Felucca. Members doth reside upon both mirror worlds, intermingling activities ast the mood or need dost suiteth them."

"CHB is naught a quickly growing Guild, but then again, anything worth a golden coin wast naught created in a day. Besides, a slow growth dost alloweth each member to become acquainted with his or her peers."

"Tis my pleasure to note the success of the Celtic Highlanders of Britannia and to add more to this volume pertaining to them. I doth hope that in the future I am able to add even more." Looking thoughtful, the Scribe then smiles before jotting down, "I hath a feeling only wonderful things shall arise from this group and they shalt be a godsend to Sosaria."

He reaches inside the bag of drying sands, then sprinkles it upon the ink and after allowing it time to set, blows off the excess before closing the book. Standing with a soft grunt he meanders back to the bookcases, slipping the tome in its place among all the others which hold information concerning the various Guilds in the land. "Good luck to thee Celtic Highlanders. Thou shalt need it ast our universe dost changeth." With that said he leaves the library, venturing off to finish more tasks set by his Leige.

The First Year

If thou wouldst like to learn more about the Celtic Highlanders of Britannia, please doth enter via the door below. We thank thee and hope any questions thou might hath art answered therein.

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Guild founded: April 1999. Guildpage up for viewing: June 8, 1999. Last revision date: August 27, 2001.

With a Hundred Pipers

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