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Alorria's Fantasy Realm

A place where reality is suspended for a while...where there is adventure and romance ...where dragons and chivalry still live...a realm filled with fairies and sprites...with mystery and magic...a realm where bards tales are often true...a realm where happy endings exist

The Waygate

Enter here to be magicly transported to other Realms

The Library

Links to my favourite authors

The Art Gallery

Lot's of fantasy pics for you to copy
Warning, although I've used little pics as links, this page can take a while to load up

The Palace

Intimite secrets about myself

To show a little slice of New Zealand life, I have made an online journal, of what I've been up to in the last couple of weeks...It hasn't been updated in a while, as I've been very busy, but I'll get back to it soon!

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The Tournament

Site Fights, Web Rings, and Awards won in the cyber-fields of battle


Friends of the Realm

The Queens Blessing

An Inn, where I like to relax with close friends

The Court Jester

This guy know's more jokes than you could shake a stick at!

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