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The 7th Chapter is currently in the making! Click here for a quick preview

Check out the latest of my pages! The Animorphs book series is very well written and has a phenomenal plot. This series is written for younger people, but I am in ninth grade and I love it! I consider it one of the best series' ever written.

Invasion Chapter 1
Invasion Chapter 2
Invasion Chapter 3 Out of Order
Invasion Chapter 4
Invasion Chapter 5
Invasion Chapter 6

I finally got The Encounter properly converted to Html, so here it is!

The Encounter

Stories to Come

Before the Universe-This is a heavy time travel story, it delves deep into the mysteries and complexities of time travel.

Main Characters-Tanaris, he is the last of his race. He is haunted by memories of what he had done.

                                Toryys, the some what quick witted mercenary.

Settings-The story is being told be Tanaris from his home on what remains of his home world.

The plot-Tanaris was expelled from the TSA because he failed to   check the proper instruments before making a time jump. In his eagerness for revenge, he steals a time ship with the help of Toryys. He then attempts to erase those at the TSA who expelled him, but some thing goes terribly wrong . . .

R.I.P.- I am still working on the story so no information other than that it will be set on Earth is available at the time.

I recently installed MS Frontpage 98, it came with a GIF animator. It is going to take some time, but I will learn how to use it. Check out the gallery, it contains scanned images from various cards and other sources.

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Well, Voyager has finally managed to contact Starfleet.  Lets hope their luck holds out.

Well here it is. My award!

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Under the command of Captain Janeway, the USS Voyager is an Intrepid class star ship. It has 15 decks and sustainable warp speed of 9.975. Some of the traditional circuitry has been replaced by bionueral gel packs that contain bionueral cells, they organize information more efficiently, speed up response time. For more info on all types of star ships please go to Utopia Planetia Ship Yards.

I have gathered some Star Ship images that I think are pretty cool.The Star Ship Gallery is always under construction, please inform me of any images that have not loaded up properly.

Seven of Nine is a great character. Jeri Ryan plays the part very well, especially when Neelix is teaching her how to eat.


This is the new and improved Enterprise, this ship is incredible! I have found a subtle flaw in the movie, when Picard is talking to Lily he says that the Enterprise has 24 decks. Later, one of Worf's securtiy men says that the Borg have taken deck 26! Go to the Fleet yards to read more about the Sovereign class star ship


Questions comments or concerns, email me at Rboluyt@hotmail.com or admiral_carson@reocities.com

According to the transporter logs, Officers have beamed onboard

Now the counter has been fixed but reintialized.

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