Struggling along an old, dirt path; hungry, weak, tired, and forlorn; you gaze up in astonishment at the sight before you. A medival castle stands proud amidst a quaint little town dotted with rustic, thatched cottages. Hills rise up in the distance, along with a cave having the appearance of crumbling and old. Gazing directly above you, you notice a crossroads sign that you didn't remember being there before. Despite the oddness of the situation, you realize that death is inevitable without proper nourishment. At least the town appears to be inhabited...

Crossroads sign

Hmmm... you gaze at the sign silently. All of the choices look good, which one will you choose?

The Main Castle

The Dragon's Lair

The Peasant's cottages

The Wizard's castle- coming soon

The abbey

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Suddenly, you notice a large rattlesnake coiled right next to you! Its' emerald-green eyes peer at you intently, fearlessly. Slowly, it uncoils itself and starts to slither off, pausing once to gaze back at you. You notice it is going rather slowly for a snake of its size... almost like it wants you to follow it? Click on the snake to follow it.

Links: coming soon. For now, check out my dragon links in the dragon lair and Redwall links in the abbey.

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