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Brian's "Campfire Stories" Page!
This page is devoted to the stories of myself and others. The stories are mainly Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, though I'd like to think there's some deeper meaning to some of them.
First, here are some links to other sites involving SF/F/H writing and stories:

Stephen King, the master of horror's official website.

Critter's Writing Workshop,
good for any serious SF/F/H writer.

Dave Parker's Rinkworks Site,
a must for any writer, has everything from other Workshops to publishers. Go to it!

And, of course, the best online bookstore in the world, where you can buy most any SF/F/H book ever:
And now what we've all been waiting for: FAT NAKED LADIES! No, just kidding, ha-ha. Nobody wants that. But seriously folks, what we HAVE all been waiting for is the stories (I hope). To get them, click here.
And if you've got a story you'd like put up here, feel free to email me. It doesn't have to be SF/F/H, it just has to be good.
Other Time-Wasting Stuff

are some famous quotes about writing, fear, and other stuff that might remotely relate to this page.

is a link to my friend Stacey's webpage. It doesn't have much to do with SF/F/H writing, but it's still a great page.

Here is a list of my favorite SF/F/H novels and movies. If you have some favorites, email me, and I'll consider putting it up.