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Keith's simpsons and shit page

Simpsons and Shit

If your like me you love the SIMPSONS..thats why im making this page but you must bear with me im just starting and this page is under major construction, also i am adding some hardcore porn for you pervert types, so if you love the simpsons and porn you have to wiat until i am totaly done with this site and you will be amazed, so check it out, i am also going to add wavs and pics from the hit movie Scarface and other gangster movies, i will have what everyone wants, so come and check it out and tell all your friends to come, only if they like the shit on here, but it is under major comstruction so please wait for the finished product, thank you

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This page is not only for the SIMPSON but for a lot of my favorite things...soon i will be adding scarface files and other stuff